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After just my first treatment I could feel the improvement in my overall frame of mind. As the treatments progressed my negative pessimistic thoughts subsided and I was enjoying life more than I ever had since I was a young boy. The heavy depression that I had always endured also started to lift allowing me to function on a much higher level. My relationship with family and friends also took on a new meaning for me as I felt genuinely happy and carefree. If the time ever comes where I feel I need another treatment to maintain the feeling that I'm enjoying now I wouldn't hesitate to further these treatments.


I honestly feel that the Ketamine treatments saved my life.  Every day felt like an insurmountable challenge that I didn't have the will power to put up with. I was unbelievably lucky that this (treatment) option presented itself when it did or I don't know that I would still be here.  The Ketamine infusions, within a matter of two days, had drastically improved my mood and suicidal ideation.  I finally felt that there was hope! I started to find my life improving in ways I had never imagined possible.  After all of the alternatives failing I could not believe that a treatment could have such beneficial results within a remarkably short time.


I was diagnosed with PTSD, OCD and Major Resistant Depression Disorder.  I exhausted all modern medical procedures including SSRIs, anti-anxiety medicines and ECT (electronic shock therapy), but nothing helped. After trying ketamine therapy I began to see remarkable results and started to live again. I believe that without ketamine therapy, I would not be alive today!


I was extremely depressed to the point that I could barely get out of bed each day. I started my infusions and noticed a big change in how I was feeling, after a while I became a totally different person that was free of depression and pain. My treatments totally gave me back my life, in a way that I had never known and I was able to face my days with a smile on my face and a wonderful hope for my future. The ketamine infusions were totally life changing for me!


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