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About Neuragain


Neuragain is the nation’s largest and most experienced group of experienced psychiatric professionals providing ketamine therapy for depression and anxiety disorders. The scientific community’s recognition of ketamine’s rapid antidepressant effects represents major medical progress—what some have even called a paradigm shift—in the search for the next generation of antidepressant and antianxiety agents. Ketamine is changing lives. We integrated ketamine therapy into the Neuragain model after much research into its benefits and a great deal of clinical experience in this treatment modality. Neuragain physicians are pioneers in brain-mind health and wellness. They are supported by an experienced team of medical thought leaders focused on efficacy and safety.



Neuragain patients recognize that this is the time to actively participate in the process of getting better. They realize that the constraints imposed by insurance companies on the practice of medicine often limit the availability of optimal treatments. They are actively seeking safe and effective alternative therapies that will allow them to experience a full life again. All choose to receive ketamine therapy from a provider trained and experienced in treating depression and anxiety disorders. 

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