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The Neuragain opportunity has been designed to integrate seamlessly into your busy practice. It does not require additional administrative staffing, office space, or a significant investment in equipment, yet it will dramatically increase your income.

Easy Integration and Exceptional Scalability

At Neuragain, we have applied our collective knowledge and clinical experience in building a comprehensive set of value added services that help providers quickly incorporate patient pay therapies into their busy practices. We provide the following services to our clinician partners:

Warm and Professional Call and Inquiry Management

Our dedicated and experienced staff will manage all of your ketamine patient inquiries in an unrushed and thorough manner to both maximize conversion and get your new ketamine patients off to a great start by managing expectations.  We are experts in all aspects of ketamine therapy and have a great deal of experience dealing with patients suffering from depression and anxiety disorders as well as their families.  All of our patient care representatives work at our corporate headquarters.  None of this work is ever outsourced guaranteeing the highest degree of quality assurance.

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Initial Set Up and Ongoing Clinical Practice Support

Our exceptional integration team will help you and your staff get started quickly by assisting you with everything from obtaining the necessary equipment to best practices and staff orientation.  This support is ongoing and help is always just a phone call or email away. ​



Patient Follow Up

Our patient care representatives contact all patients at regular intervals after treatment to ensure an exceptional patient experience and schedule follow up / maintenance therapy.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art scheduling app, we schedule your ketamine patient appointments according to your real time scheduling needs.  This allows you and your staff maximum flexibility and a predictable schedule that does not impact your primary practice.  We handle all rescheduling so you are never put in an uncomfortable position as a result of last minute changes in staffing, family emergencies, vacations, etc. 


Financial Discussions and Payment Collection

Our patient care representatives will discuss the cost of therapy, the benefits of direct patient payment, and secure payment for ketamine therapy in advance of treatment.  This allows you and your office staff to focus on the clinical aspects of treatment and avoids any uncomfortable discussions for you and your patients related to the financial aspects of ketamine therapy. 


A Partnership of Excellence

You will become a member of an elite group of skilled psychiatrists providing cutting edge therapies in a carefully curated, evidence-based manner that delivers exceptional efficacy and a world class patient experience. 

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