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Frequently Asked Questions


What impact will becoming a Neuragain Provider have on my income?


The short answer is that it will increase, in most cases dramatically. As experienced psychiatric professionals, Neuragain providers have all experienced the compaction of their income and expansion of expectations associated with managed care. Adding Neuragain to their practice has allowed them to significantly increase positive outcomes and at the same time exponentially increase the revenue their practice generates. If you are seriously considering becoming a Neuragain Provider, a member of our team will be happy to share real life examples with you, in confidence. To learn more, contact us today!

Does Neuragain provide treatment protocols or recommended dosages?


No, Neuragain is not a pharmaceutical company. Instead, we share our research, clinical experience, and published studies with Neuragain Providers who ultimately decide on the best course of treatment for their patients.

Will offering Neuragain treatments disrupt my current practice?


No, in fact, just the opposite. Neuragain allows our providers to dramatically increase their incomes without any negative impact on their current practices. Neuragain's support services interface with your current practice support structure. You typically do not need additional staff or office space to add Neuragain to your practice.

Is ketamine therapy FDA approved?


Ketamine has been FDA approved for many decades. Since it is now generic in form, many of the current uses of ketamine are not approved indications. 


Neuragain Providers recognize that many conditions are most effectively treated with drugs that don't have FDA approved indications for those conditions. In fact, many of the prescriptions they write each day are "off-label".

Can any licensed Physician join Neuragain?  


No. Only experienced psychiatric professionals are eligible for consideration as Neuragain providers as we believe that specialized training and experience in managing depression and anxiety disorders is crucial to determining the appropriateness of therapy and delivering optimal outcomes. 

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