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The Safest and Most Effective Treatments

Neuragain provides distinct advantages for patients:  An unparalleled level of care and individualized service; safe and proven treatment protocols focused on results; immediate access to state-of-the-art medical breakthroughs and the most highly regarded mental health professionals. 



In exploring new treatment modalities for introduction into the Neuragain network, our criteria is always safety and efficacy, keeping Neuragain Providers on the cutting edge of breakthrough treatments. Neuragain therapies are free from the influence of pharmaceutical companies and insurance providers. They represent the purest form of evidence-based medicine. 

Partnering with Neuragain

Patients suffering from treatment-resistant mood and anxiety disorders deserve access to alternative therapies that can deliver the rapid relief they’ve been desperately seeking. Since ketamine therapy is relatively new and not covered by insurance, prospective patients have many questions and often require a significant amount of support. Neuragain's patient care representatives answer calls and engage in pre-therapy discussions in an unrushed and consistently professional manner. By partnering with Neuragain, you can provide your patients with renewed hope for effective outcomes when conventional treatment approaches haven’t delivered adequate results.


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