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There’s currently a depression epidemic…

Less than half of patients respond to the current SSRI drug treatments, creating a large unsatisfied patient population.


Many patients seek alternative therapies to treat their depression. Until now alternative choices have been limited to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). These are insufficient for many patients and require a significant investment or hospitalization.

Now there are new advances in medicine:

  • Ketamine blocks neurotransmitter glutamate, which in turn stimulates synapses

  • Yale University study shows damage of synaptic connections caused by chronic stress is rapidly reversed by a single dose of ketamine

  • Our founders and providers have treated hundreds of patients using ketamine intravenous treatments for psychiatric symptoms

  • Ketamine infusion has shown 64% to 75% positive response rates in clinical studies, including one conducted by the NIMH

How can this benefit you?

The Neuragain opportunity integrates seamlessly into your busy practice. It typically does not require additional staffing, office space, or a significant investment in equipment, nor will it change the complexion of your practice, or tax your family time - yet it will dramatically increase your income.

We provide you, as our provider-partner, with these value-added services:

Patient Support

*Call center services & payient screening

*Therapy information sharing



Curated Patient Experience

*Outcome expectation setting talking points

*Comfortable treatment environment & follow-ups

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Scheduling & Billing

*Appointment setting & reminders

*Credit card payments in advance of appointments

Efficacy Tracking

*Tablet based in-office PHQ-9 depression scoring

*HIPAA compliant data capture & per provider outcome reporting

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