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The Benefits of Becoming a Neuragain Provider

Many health care providers now want to add ketamine infusions into their current practice to change the lives of patients with treatment resistant depression and anxiety disorders but are unsure of where to begin. Partnering with Neuragain, this opportunity has been designed to integrate seamlessly into your current practice with relatively low startup costs.

  • Ease of set-up; Neuragain will be involved from beginning to end in integrating this breakthrough in brain-mind medicine without disrupting your current practice

  • Detailed set-up process; enhanced support offering guidance with protocols, ordering of supplies, furnishing required medical forms, hiring of staff, and offering ongoing support

  • Increase in Revenue; Scheduling and payment support is provided by Neuragain so that there are no increased scheduling demands or billing responsibilities within your current practice

  • Fast turn around time in getting your Neuragain practice up and running

  • Enhanced patient experience; At Neuragain we take pride in the quality of the patient experience. Our focus is to provide an enhanced and superior experience setting our providers apart from others who administer ketamine infusions for treatment resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

If you are a provider interested in offering safe and effective ketamine infusions to help change the lives of patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression and anxiety disorders and would like to learn more about Neuragain, please contact us for more information. Join our growing list of providers that have become leaders in offering this cutting edge treatment.

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