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Lack of leadership prevails.

Having interfaced with thousands of psychiatrists over the past two years I have come to a fairly solid conclusion that doctors are too busy, too wrapped up in the day to day of administering care rather than practicing it....too jaded by pharmaceutical reps to sell them the next drug, too tired to care and too confused by all the changes in the medical profession to stick with it. So the mass exodus continues and it isn't going to end soon.

The health care industry is under attack...if this industry was a sovereign nation you could say they were at war. Is that too harsh? Not really. If doctors were fighting soldiers on the front lines they would have a problem with deserters fleeing the battle field and never looking back.

Doctors are no longer inspired...they are tired. There is not one general / leader kind of figure to rally the troops or call a spade a spade anymore. The enemy has infiltrated the ranks of health care and totally bastardized the system...chaos reigns.

The established pillars of leadership, AMA, APA, NE Journal of Medicine, FDA, Academic Research Universities, politicians, etc., have all been compromised and subverted by an economic ideology that is far worse than any kind of political corruption where this is at least an established form of checks and balances....where is the governing watch dog in health care? (crickets).

As a business man looking to create new opportunities for doctors, with patient care at the forefront, the fear of change is palpable...need more research, too busy, no room, no, no, no....what about the patients who are tough to treat or handle? Doctors are running away from the metaphorical battle fields and retreating back to the safety of the command centers where it is safe, warm and who dictate policy but are unaware of what is happening on the front lines....leadership? (crickets).

Big pharma, academia, research, philanthropy, gov't and business at large who are looked to for leadership is like have a weasel in the hen house...can you say abdication?

So go ahead and frustrate the entrepreneurs looking to make positive impact into a badly run and arthritic system...because when the risk takers in business see the system is not receptive to change, they will seek other areas to innovate, invent and invest in.

Lions and leaders of this past century like Winston Churchill, FDR and Ike...the landscape has shifted to the medical industry where people are dying, where are you?

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