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Changing Paradigms...The New Normal.

The changing paradigm in healthcare...and it is not Donald Trump.

What do Uber, Airbnb and Healthcare all have in common?

They are shaping new paradigms by generating new models in traditional industries with unconventional, disruptive and needed solutions to bring about change for all and not just the few.

These are creative thinkers who don't want to accept the status quo anymore..."I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore"...why should they / we?

Innovation, as you all know, is 10% inspiration and 90% risk and motivation! You know it when you see it too...just look at the top selling items over Christmas where retailers could not keep up with the demand. These items that were so passionately sought after were not even a thought two years ago...need I say more?

Looking at big problems, in any industry vertical from a macro perspective, takes courage to see it is broken, fixable and then tackle it with diligence and unyielding belief to see the desired outcome...not just platitudes either "something has to change" and then nothing gets I said before, these kind of changes make everyone better, not just the few. (maybe this is a little bit about Donald Trump).

If you are working more hours, following more regulations and making less money doing the same thing year over year and wondering why, then this message may not be for you. If however, you are looking for something to get you on a faster and more sustainable financial track in 2017, in the health care space, then we should talk...if not, that is ok....there is someone reading this who is ready to put it on the line again...."taxi...take me to the Marriott"...

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