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  • Joseph Rogan

Doctors can reclaim their practices in spite of insurance mandates and onerous government regulation

How can doctors take back their practice they gave up to the insurance industry?

Federal regulations and insurance mandates requiring a force of fundamental changes in the way doctors run their practices is creating a paradigm shift in medicine similar to the way phone booths are now compared to cell phones...they are extinct.

Patient pay practices or a modification of the Concierge Model will be the way medicine will be practiced going has taken the heart out of medicine and turned it into a corporation and reduced doctors to mere cogs in the wheel of the financial merry-go-round. It is rooted in fears of malpractice, co-pay minutia and schedules so tight that an auto mechanic spends more time on an engine than the doctor spends on the patient's basic check up requirements. Many doctors have panels of patients so big they don't have time and cannot take time, even if they wanted to, or they will fall behind to make the work day even longer...then the paperwork...

Doctors are not seeing the upside anymore after spending so much in time and treasure to realize they are in a zero sum game where they are longing to change or maybe just give up and join the circus. Unfortunately, the latter seems to be more the norm today...if they opt out, then what? Stay tuned.

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