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Concept - Certainty - Confidence

Five years ago there was no Neuragain. There was never a thought that an anesthetic (ketamine) could or would ever be used in a psychiatric practice to treat refractory depression, PTSD and anxiety disorders. Five years ago an efficacy score consistently in the 80% range would be laughed at as implausible if not impossible. Today, after 15,000 plus infusions the degree of certainty is now thanks to the FDA either.

In fact, the thought of outsourcing the cumbersome business pieces, not just the admin part, where a company like Neuragain could work with psych practices, as a business, across the USA was again a fantasy or dream of a best world scenario. How a practice could make money and not increase its overhead or take away from the culture of how the practice works sounds too good to be true. We call it a win-win-win (doctor, patient and Neuragain all win together). This doesn't happen too often does it?

Today, Neuragain is alive and growing. Many practices struggle to integrate the business pivots needed to make a new effective therapy work as a business. The secret sauce is having a dedicated team of smart, experienced entrepreneurs who are doing it and not just talking about it. Doctors need, really need, a service like this and to realize they cannot do it all is true wisdom. Running a busy practice / business, despite a well meaning practice managers best efforts, they fall short most of the time and nothing new ever happens...."Ground Hog Day"....

When doctors want certainty or guarantees then they are looking at business in the wrong way. They are scientists and that kind of mind set want facts, data and research. What is happening now is doctors are loosening up to let the business people do what they do best and that is build relationships, take calculated risks on strategies, make money and change course if something is not working. The doctors can now relax and go back to practicing medicine they way they know best.

The bottom line is these business relationships and concepts take time, persistence and patience to let the process work and to accept set backs as opportunities, not failures. Believe and don't give up is what doctors are finding when they engage with Neuragain and entrepreneurs like us...we don't quit and we have produced for them...certainty, as a result, is assured.

Confident, yet humble, in knowing what we know and to set our course to the future where good things happen if you believe, learn from our mistakes, celebrate our successes and keep at it everyday.

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